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The Chilis

Numero Uno (medium hot)

Coarse ground all natural beef, kidney beans, plum tomato, toasted cumin, cocoa & cinnamon.

Our signature chili and the restaurants most popular, since 1984. A little sweet, a little hot, like life.

Abilene Choral Society (mild)

Coarse ground all natural beef, red kidney beans, plum tomato, red peppers, basil & red wine.

A Midwestern style chili. The closest we come to "regular" - whatever that is.

Texas Chain Gang (hot)

Coarse ground all natural beef, kidney beans, plum tomato, fresh jalapeños & chipotles.

A Texas prison-style chili, seriously hot, wonderfully hot BUT NOT insanely hot. (Insanely hot is easy to do).

Real McCoy (medium hot)

Chunks of all natural beef, 5 kinds of chili powder. 

Chili the way they make it in the Lone Star State. No Beans No Bull.

Cincinnati Lamb (medium hot)

Chunks of all natural lamb, hominy, fresh jalapeño, green bell pepper, with cinnamon, allspice & ginger, in a roasted bones lamb stock.  

An improvisation inspired by the chili tradition of Cincinnati Ohio.  

Roasted Pork Shank and Black Bean (medium hot)

Falling off the bone all natural shredded pork, black beans, grilled tomatoes, green pepper, & chipotles, in a roasted bones pork stock. 

Inspired by Ecuadorian culinary tradition.


All Natural Poultry Chili

High Plains Turkey (medium hot)

Chunks of all natural turkey, plum tomato, carrots, peppers,  corn, white beans, & white wine.

Chunky, colorful, earthy, solidly medium hot.

Ginger Chicken (medium hot)

Chunks of all natural chicken with ginger, mushrooms, corn, celery, bell pepper, white beans & parsnip. 

Hot more from ginger than ground chilies, a gentle medium hot softened by parsnip.

Vegan Chili

Totally Vegetable (mild)

Red kidney beans, carrot, peas, green & red bell peppers, corn, celery, plum tomato, potato & quinoa.

A bright colorful melange, earthly satisfying and MILDLY SPICY.

Red Lentil Chili (medium hot)

Red lentils, red & green bell peppers, tomato, carrots, corn, mushrooms, hominy, parsnip, fresh jalapeños & chipotles.

A super hearty vegetarian chili & very low fat. 

Tierra del Fuego 4 Bean (hot)

Black beans, navy beans, red kidney beans & garbanzo beans with butternut squash, red & green bell peppers, tomato, parsnip & chipotles. 

Seriously 'smoky' hot balanced with the sweetness of parsnip & butternut squash.

Pima City Green (medium hot)

Slit peas, peas, kale, green bell pepper, baby lima beans, jalapeños, cilantro and lime juice, with parsnip.

Many green ingredients make for a light & lean chili.