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Our Story

Co-owners Bruce Sterman and Luba Pincus

Co-owners Bruce Sterman and Luba Pincus

Husband & wife team Bruce Sterman & Luba Pincus opened their first Manhattan Chili Co. restaurant in the West Village in NYC in 1984. Inspired by the many regional chili traditions found throughout the US.  

Over the next decades there were additional restaurants, many new chilis, and many adventures. From 2006 to 2015 we transformed into a quick service All Natural ChiliBar™ in the Grand Central Terminal Lower Level Dining Concourse.  In the midst of that time period we became a chili manufacturer (2007- 2012), supplying Whole Foods (NE region), food co-ops, and independent supermarkets with foodservice and retail packaged chilis.  That was a whole other set of adventures.

Now, after 30+ years in the "biz" we will draw upon our restaurant, quick service, and supermarket experience to create retail opportunity that will bring together diverse parts of the NYC food universe.  It is call AllStar Food Hall.  Stay tuned.   



Luba Pincus and customers at Manhattan Chili Co. Bleecker Street, circa 1985.

Manhattan Chili Co. at Bleecker Street, circa 1987

The fun, the excitement and the challenge is always to create food that is deeply flavored, always all natural and maybe not what you would expect in a bowl of chili!

Manhattan Chili Co. at 53rd Street and Broadway circa 1999

Manhattan Chili Co. at 43rd Street and Broadway, circa 1995