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Since closing our Grand Central location at the end of 2015, we have been mulling and stewing, cooking at Hot Bread Kitchen Incubates, popping up in offices across Manhattan (thank you, Fooda!) with a braised meats taco lunch menu, and working to change our "lens."  

The process has yielded our new project, the electric* AllStar FoodHall.  The website,, is under construction.

It is a collaboration with diverse elements of the NYC food universe: the 5 NYC incubator kitchens, and a group of rotating guest spots for: a selection of all-star chefs, a culinary school or two, local brewmasters-distillers-wine makers-coffee roasters-cheesemakers.  We have also conjured the possibility of offering rotating guest spots to tv cooking shows and/or selected meal kit companies.      

There are 2 goals:

  • create a reasonable threshold/reasonable risk retail opportunity for all participants
  • establish an alternate funding source for Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corp (aka Mainchance), a non-profit community center providing food, education, training and services to our homeless NYC residents.

Stay tuned.

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Bruce & Luba